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Kids Classes

“Exciting and Empowering Classes! Energetic Instructors! Enthusiastic Kids! Elated Parents!”

A program with all the right tools! Palmetto Martial Arts School will help your child succeed through the countless benefits of martial arts. Students learn values and life skills that lead to remarkable improvements in academics, careers and relationships – literally making a better community one black belt at a time.

We invite you to take full advantage of our Program benefits and discover the difference for yourself!


Physical Health



As your child becomes older he/she will face more and more difficult challenges. School subjects will become academically more stressful. Peer pressure will accelerate at more challenging levels. Expectations in all areas of your son/daughter’s lives will increase.

It can be overwhelming

All of these challenges make it more and more important that you put your son/daughter in contact with people that can help develop his/her Focus, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self Image.


At Palmetto Martial Arts, we know focus plays a key role in the mindset of children. Our Program will build upon their attention span… teaching your child to focus on the task at hand while improving their listening and reaction skills

As a result, your child will excel in physical activity, and improve their ability to stay focused on the training floor, at home, and in school.


When you think of martial arts the first word that comes to mind is respect. Unfortunately, in today’s society, respect is often missing. At Palmetto Martial Arts we discuss the importance of respecting instructors, school teachers, parents, and one’s self. Our emphasis on humility and respect is what separates us from other youth sports and programs. Our students learn that life is not just about winning, it’s about healthy attitudes and becoming a better person.


Kids who set goals achieve greater confidence, self-esteem and success!
No matter what your child’s age or level of ability, it’s never too early or too late to teach them the fundamentals to help them succeed, and this includes setting goals. Our belt advancement program is a unique system of recognition that is not found in any other activity.goals-belts-1



It is essential for children to understand the importance of being not only mentally healthy but physically fit at an early age. Being physically fit is a necessity for any martial artist but more importantly… the sooner we enforce this concept, the healthier we will become as a community, and the less difficult it will be to stay physically fit as they grow older. At Palmetto Martial Arts, we emphasize the importance of good eating while teaching them that physical fitness activities are always fun and rewarding.


Nothing can take the place of the security in knowing that your child can defend themselves should the need ever arise…and your own child’s self-confidence is in knowing this themselves.

Self-defense = Self-confidence. The ability to defend yourself against bullies and predators builds self-confidence and self-respect. This knowledge is incredibly empowering. Not only does martial arts traininistock_9044876_large-1g increase your child’s physical strength but it also increases mental awareness. Kids who know how to protect their body, carry themselves confidently and are less likely to attract negative attention or run the risk of being bullied.

In self-defense, confidence is the degree of trust your child will have in his or her ability to successfully deal with (and win!) a threatening or confrontational situation. Consistent training will make a dramatic impact on your child’s level of self-confidence

This confidence easily spills over into other aspects of their lives, making them happier and more effective in everyday life.


Our Palmetto Martial Arts program has helped thousands of kids become healthier, stronger, and more confident. It has helped them believe in their abilities and themselves. This program has become a powerful ally for our students in meeting the ever increasing demands of a challenging future.

Fun and energetic drills fill each class motivating our students to want to come back for more! Each student learns that success is the end goal of their hard work and dedication. They will leave with a feeling of accomplishment and pride in the work they put in. So DON’T WAIT! Join the Palmetto Martial Arts Team today, and you will not be disappointed!

istock_90853735_large-1Take on the Palmetto Martial Arts Challenge!

Palmetto Martial Arts, is so confident that you will be 100% pleased with our kids program that we challenge you to view JUST ONE of our classes. Then, go to another school and evaluate their class. You will find the PMA difference in the energy, structure, class discipline, focus, and above all, the caliber of instruction! Palmetto Martial Arts, where difference equals excellence.

Kids 7-12: Free uniform and 2 weeks of unlimited classes, all for $49