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Adult and Teen Classes

Palmetto Martial Art’s Adult and Teen Classes


Self-Protection, Personal Development, and Physical Fitness

Our adult and teen classes will add fun and excitement to your daily routine!

Getting physically active is the key to reliving stress from your regular day.

At Palmetto Martial Arts, our workouts are geared for students of any age, size, or ability. You will enjoy our up to date modern classes’ fun filled drills and exercises that are sure to get your energy levels up. Classes will increase your stamina, muscle strength, and coordination all while learning self-defense skills that could one day save you or your family.

With the rising crime rate in today’s society, it’s important to learn defense techniques to stop the fight before it happens or finish it quickly if needed.

Classes include gun and knife self-defense techniques as well. Our instructors are always willing to stay after class and help you with whatever you need. Come and try our four week introductory class and see what Palmetto is about.

Teenagers need a healthy outlet to release stress and anxiety brought on by everyday peer pressure and the confusion of adolescence in general. Encouraging your teen to participate in a constructive extracurricular activity will help keep your mind at ease knowing they’re in a non-toxic environment.

Palmetto Martial Arts provides a safe place for your teenager that incorporates both mental and physical benefits. We encourage healthy relationships with other peers while also promoting supportive friendships. Our evening classes are packed with teens and adults of all ages, giving them the opportunity to make lasting relationships with people their own age as well as be positively influenced by the adults taking alongside them.

In closing of the adult class, Master Roberson gives passionate devotions based on life lessons that are filled with stories from his personal life, family experiences, and current events all while consistently tying everything together with biblical values.

Adult and Teen: Free uniform and 2 weeks of unlimited classes, all for just $49