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Our Goal is to coach, motivate and inspire those who have chosen martial arts as a path for positively transforming their lives.

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Here are the principles of how we live that every day

For PMA, our success has always been created on the training floor. The diverse curriculum taught by certified and experienced instructors creates the atmosphere that allows each and every student to achieve their goals.

We are a faith based Martial Arts School grounded in Christian Principles. Class devotionals are immersed in biblical morals and values teaching students compassion, truth, honesty, kindness, and humility. PMA Instructors are constantly seeking ways to improve through continuous training. We believe that we cannot inspire others without leading by example. Our students are the core of the community at PMA. Our mission is to help each student reach their full potential. We understand that each student comes in with a different goal in mind and we make every effort to attend their needs based on those goals. We also offer private lessons for aspiring students. We take pride in our facility by making it a safe, clean training environment that is constantly being maintained and updated. To our students, it often acts as a home away from home and we honor that by continuing to take great care of it. Our idea of great customer service is to honor and respect each and every person that comes through our doors. This standard is held accountable not only by the staff but through the students as well.

  • As a mother of 2 boys and my youngest being special needs, I needed to find a sort of getaway for my oldest. He absolutely loves going to Tae Kwon Do each week!! And I love that he can learn about Jesus and has to give respect to get it. Great atmosphere to start a young child in. Thank you PMAS!!


    Shayanne Rene Carithers

  • Great program with caring instructors. I can't say enough nice things about the staff and the community they've built. You won't regret checking this place out!


    Donovan Rider

  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff. My son enjoys every second and has gained confidence and self discipline. I also appreciate the speeches that Master Roberson gives from a Christian perspective.


    Brady Smith

  • My son and daughter both go and its truely helped them with their attitude, built their confidence, and the devotional time is a blessing. I would not have my children anywhere else.


    Shannon Mathis

  • Master Roberson teaches Christian Values. Each student that goes there is taught how to have respect for each other and for people that they meet in their life. Each instructor is very nice and wonderful to each student. The atmosphere is always a happy place from when you walk in until you leave.


    Karen Kwasniewski

  • This program is top notch! My son's grades, self-esteem, and confidence has improved immensely! The instructors want to see each kid reach their goals in and out of class!


    Lisa Isbell Baker

  • I love PMAS and the Robersons so much! Tae Kwon Do has given me confidence in myself that I have never had before. The best part of my TKD school is that we get to have devotions with our students every day! I love this place so much, I decided to make a career out of it!


    Jennifer Tindall Davis

  • I love PMAS because after 17 years it was like coming home again. My friends from so long ago invited me into their school and introduced me to their new extended family. Thank you Master Roberson, Mrs Master Roberson, Jennifer and Brittany! I love you guys! You guys are stuck with me now and I am never leaving home.


    Juanita Nimmons Acres

  • PMAS really encourages a camaraderie between their students! My kids have made some great friends here, kids that they might not have normally gotten to know. We've also made some great parent friends, too!


    Jessica Smith

  • PMAS is more than an after school activity, our kids have opportunities here that you can't find anywhere else! They foster and encourage integrity, friendship, and compassion. The instructors aren't just knowledgeable, but have a heart for our children.


    Laura Thompson